Welcome to the home of Melbourne Vascular Imaging online
Melbourne Vascular Imaging provides a comprehensive non-invasive vascular diagnostic service utilizing advanced state-of-the-art technology to provide precise clinical information in a timely matter. We perform Duplex Doppler ultrasonography, a safe, non-invasive, reliable and accurate method of diagnosis without any radiation exposure, and without the risks or discomforts of other more invasive tests.

In most cases, same day appointments can be made and results can me provided within the hour.

At Melbourne Vascular Imaging we understand the needs of a growing population, some of whom have limited access to vascular specialists. As such we go beyond the realms of a traditional Vascular Laboratory to provide a mobile service supporting suburban areas such as Bulleen and North Melbourne, as well as regional towns such as Echuca and Wangaratta.

Our imaging service is overseen by accredited vascular surgeons. After the diagnostic process, prompt assessment and consultation by vascular surgeons can also be provided, if required and at your request, through Melbourne Vascular Surgery and Vein Clinic affiliated with MVI.